Montgomery Sailboats - Pricing

The prices listed below are factory direct prices. For more details about what’s standard and questions about any optional equipment please contact the factory at (949)489-8227 or ask questions on this form  

Montgomery Sailboats

Montgomery 6-8
(Rowing Model)
Includes 2 sets for bronze oar sockets. Mast partner. Back-up block for the bottom, rudder gudgeons to covert to Sail rig option later. Stainless towing eye. $ 2,000.00
+ Sailing option Include leeboard Fitting, leeboard, tiller and rudder installed with stainless pintles and gudgeons, Mast support bridge (teak), 13 ft 3 in. Fiberglass mast, Sail, Boom, Block and all rigging. $ 0.00
+ Shipping Crating charge (plywood box).

Snail mail a $500 deposit to Montgomery Balance on Delivery.

E-mail ( us for or use this form for questions and orders.

$ 520.00

Montgomery 15 Complete boat with sails $ 18,353.00
Trailer Galvanized with Keel guides, mast carrier and winch $ 1,642.00

Montgomery 17 Complete boat with sails $ 24,450.00
Trailer Galvanized with mast carrier, 14" wheels, tongue extension, winch, keel guides and rollers $ 2,530.00

For more detailed information give the factory a call at (949)489-8227. Prices and specs subject to change without notice.

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